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How Utilities can use Veoci in wake of Hurricane Sandy

As Hurricane Sandy is making its landfall on the east coast, utility companies must be gearing up to handle fallen trees, damaged electric lines, flooding, and reports of other outages. Here’s a scenario of how Veoci can help a utility company better manage the situation.

Virtual Emergency Operations Center

The core of the Veoci application is the Virtual Emergency Operations Center. To handle the hurricane, the utility companies can set up an operations center at the click of a button. They can then communicate in real time with field agents, coordinate the work, track reported incidents from this virtual operations center.

Birds eye view of all reported incidents

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As people report incidents, it is always helpful to get an aerial view of the situation. Using Veoci, as customers call in to report incidents, service representatives can input details of the incident like address, time it was reported, type of problem etc.. into a web form. The system automatically aggregates all the reported incidents on a geographical map to present a birds eye view of the situation.

Veoci also allows you to mark an entire affected area on the map and add comments. So when a field agent is talking to someone from the operations center, he can be advised on routes to avoid and areas that have been flooded.

 Real time job assignment through tasks
In response to the incidents reported, one can assign tasks to field responders in real-time from the virtual emergency response center. Responders are informed of the task(s) assigned to them immediately on their mobile phones and they can get to work immediately.

When the work is completed, responders can indicate the task as completed or provide updates to the operations center right from their mobile phones.

Data at hand to make better decisions
Veoci gives management the insights they need, to make faster decisions. One can take a look at all the incidents that have been reported, analyze the number of available resources on the field (both personnel and assets), track who is working where, and review a list of all pending work activity.

This is exactly the data they need to make decisions for deploying more people on the ground, or even placing orders for new equipment.

Platform as a Service
Veoci is not just an application pre-configured to manage certain kinds of incidents. It is an open platform that can be customized the way you want as per your company’s needs and structure. That’s why it is adopted not just by Utility companies, but also by Colleges, Airports, Municipalities, and Corporations.

Let us know how you are preparing for hurricane Sandy?



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