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Practitioner’s Profile: How Natalie Monnett Puts Heart in Emergency Management and Preparedness

Practitioner’s Profile: How Natalie Monnett Puts Heart in Emergency Management and Preparedness

Natalie Monnett joined Veoci in October of 2021, and since has become a pillar for our Government team. With her infectious can-do attitude and undeniable empathy toward our customers, she has been a fantastic addition to Veoci.

Natalie’s Career

Like many other practitioners, Natalie’s journey started straight out of high school where she went and took her first EMT class. After seven years of working on an ambulance she had her first child, and after having her second a few years later, she found herself having to reconsider the lifestyle demanded by that profession. To forgo the twenty-four hour shifts, she began doing a little 911 dispatching, working in the emergency room doing patient intake work, and sometimes even returning back to the ambulance for a few shifts here and there.

After ten years, she decided to throw something else into the mix and open her own business. Even though her focus shifted to her new business venture, she made sure to stay active in public service or maintained a public safety role whether it was part time, on an ambulance, or working in an emergency room or hospital as a patient care technician.

While working, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Security and a Master’s degree in Disaster Management Planning. On top of all of that, Natalie also volunteered at a local level within a small town in southwest Kansas, which ultimately led her to working for the State of Kansas Emergency Management.

With a few years of experience there, she then made another move to a company that did credentialing and accountability. There, she worked with several states on federal compliance for credentialing and badging.

While at the credentialing company, she was deployed as part of the Incident Management Team for the State of Kansas to respond to tornados and flooding events, and was also a part of a few deployments with Team Rubicon. After ten years at the company, Natalie joined our ranks at Veoci.

Always Establish Empathy

Volunteer work and staying active in the field has clearly been a large part of Natalie’s life. Her driving force for showing up for all of these years? Her passion and yearning to help others.

“My personality is to make sure everyone’s okay. Whether that’s my husband, my kids, my dog…that’s just been me my whole life.”

That motivation has transferred into her role at Veoci as an Account Executive, where she works to help organizations navigate the task of finding a platform to aid them with their efforts in an ever-changing landscape. She is able to bring humanity and clarity to what can often feel like a frustrating or confusing situation, and ensure that armed with the best solutions, our customers are able to be okay.

In terms of how she sees the field changing, Natalie turned to the amount of digitization that has been occurring since COVID. She used the example of the fact that the interview done to put this piece together around her, was done over a video call, “…people do a lot of this, you know, talking virtually…obviously firefighters and EMTs and all that, they’ll always have to be there.”

The certifications and recertifications first responders need and the training that goes along with them, have mostly gone virtual, she shared. Even the roles that will never be able to solely work from home have started to consider how they can enhance and transform their daily operations or processes to virtual ones. Now more than ever, it’s all about trying to figure out how to efficiently and effectively save time, money and lives.

Going Forward

As Natalie continues her career, one thing can be known for sure: she will always take the time to make sure that her teammates and customers alike are alright. Her interpersonal intelligence teamed with her extensive time as a practitioner prove to make her an incredible resource for Veoci and our community alike.

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