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Practitioner’s Profile: Travis Leemreis: Helping Aviation Partners Reach New Heights

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Start of Aviation – “The Pilot”

Travis began his college career at Southwestern Michigan College, where he majored in Business Administration. As he was finishing his first degree, he developed an interest in the aviation industry and the idea of managing airports.

After moving to Jacksonville Florida, he attended Florida State College at Jacksonville to pursue a degree in Aviation Operations. During his time there he also achieved his CTI Endorsement in Air Traffic Control. After the completion of this degree, he furthered his education even more and achieved a third degree which was in Aerospace Administration at Polk State College. While he was studying at Polk State, he began working at Lakeland Linder International Airport, which was a customer of Veoci.

Career Takeoff – “The Logbook”

After completing his education, he accepted a position at Winter Haven Regional Airport. His role consisted of managing airport operations, operating Winter Haven’s fixed-base operator (FBO), and directly overseeing aeronautical services at the airport. Following that job, Travis took a position at Tampa International Airport (TPA) as Airport Operations Supervisor. During this time, Travis was the Terminal Manager for Airsides A & C, and he maintained TPA’s Airfield Part 139 compliance to uphold the requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration.

After spending 4 years at TPA, he saw an opportunity open at Veoci and decided to change gears. With a background in aviation, the transition to Customer Success Manager for the Veoci Aviation Team fit well. After discussions with several Veoci employees, Travis knew he was interested in the switch to this new role.

Reflecting Back – “Back-Taxi”

Travis spoke about how he loves that this industry is always changing. He said, “there’s always something new happening, and nothing is routine.” This is what excites him and drives him to help assist our aviation partners in the industry.

With a field that is ever evolving, Travis is grateful for all his experiences and feels lucky to have learned so much about the industry from his prior experience, and from the people he has worked with. Travis said he’s always trying his best to learn from everyone. Even small conversations he has had with people in passing have been influential and have stuck with him throughout his career.

One piece of advice Travis carries with him is “there is always more than one way to get there.” Even if you have a roadblock in front of you, just know there is always a way to get around it, you just have to figure it out.

Outside of Aviation – “Free Route Airspace”

Being from Indiana, Travis grew up loving the outdoors. He loves to fish, boat, waterski, and spend time with family and friends. Travis now resides in Florida with his wife and son, where they get to enjoy the outdoors and their favorite activities all year round.

If you’d like to learn more about Travis, check out his LinkedIn profile.

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