Part 139 Compliance & Inspections

Compliance with the FAR Part 139 rule is essential for most airports. But performing inspections, storing the data, and having it ready for audits doesn’t have to take a lot of time. We digitized the process so you and your airport can get back time and money to focus on other important airport operations.

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Easy and accessible inspections

Save time by putting all essential inspection forms into the pockets of airport personnel.

Complete inspections from a phone or tablet

The Veoci mobile app makes all inspection forms available from the airfield, or anywhere else in your airport.

User-friendly forms

Make filling out inspections quick and easy with clean, uncluttered Form designs.

No internet, no problem

Downloading the app lets personnel complete inspections and upload new records as soon as they regain an internet connection.

Build any form you need

Create Forms that capture every detail you need, and easily make edits or new Forms as rules and regulations change operational scopes.

An all-in-one airport inspection solution

Every inspection form an airport could need. Bring all inspection and compliance data under one roof and make audits and recordkeeping fast and sweat-free.

Save time during audits

No more sorting papers and looking through cabinets. Every inspection record is available virtually, and all automatically sorted into digestible aggregate reports.

Dashboards with all necessary reports and controlled permissions streamline and simply the auditing process.

All audit reporting Dashboards and views update in real-time as your airport and its personnel perform operations. No need to sort after inspections or a document is created.

Tie in all transcripts and document corrective actions to create one, cohesive record and timeline. No more searching — everything in your hands within one click.

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