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Veoci for Utilities

When adversity strikes, you need to keep the lines flowing. Utilities face a huge and complex set of challenges, including cyber and physical threats, keeping stakeholders in the know, and maintaining regulatory compliance. Handling them properly and efficiently is even more important given how critical utilities are to daily life. The key is to have the right plan coupled with the right tool, available both in the field and at the command center.

I love the tool. I'm in it all day, every day. It works great. It can streamline SOPs, checklists, and workflows. And there is just so much more I know we can do.

Emergency Planning Specialist

Midwestern Municipal Electric and Water Utility
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Veoci provides power to your emergency management

Manage the Crisis for Your Community

Though utilities companies don't often get the praise for it, they are at the forefront of keeping our communities alive and bustling. Any and all potential crises and disasters are treated with the right respect, but their actual impact can't always be predicted or managed the same. Use Veoci to improve your processes as much as possible so that even the most unpredicted circumstances can be handled with predictable success.

Secure Mutual Aid for the Next Big One

For any mutual aid association and coalition you're a part of, you need to know that your teams are taken care of, and the teams helping you are safe and cared for, from three squares a day to a place to sleep when the shift is finally over. Even before that happens, when the call comes to you for mutual aid, you need to know if you can even provide assistance, knowing what resources you can spare at the moment and what's on the horizon locally.

Minimize the Damage of Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks are a matter of “when,” not “if.” When your team does face a cyberattack, give them the tools they need to respond. Using Veoci, they can build a plan, launch it instantly, and establish a space for secure communication and collaboration between your team and leadership. Keep your team on their toes so they can cut downtime and restore service ASAP.

ITC Holdings
MidAmerican Energy

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