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Asset Management for Aviation

In order to comply with regulatory FAA safety standards, airports must complete regularly scheduled self-inspections. All airport equipment must be accounted for and up to date and maintenance work must be documented to ensure full safety and functionality of all airfield operations.

Create an assets database with custom attributes added as fields in our customizable forms such as asset number, location on airfield, type of asset, circuit description, with front and back images of the asset.

A single database to log and easily access all records and maintenance history for future reference on a point-and-click configurable dashboard

GIS mapping with customizable layers to view history and details and geographic location of all assets and resources

Trigger work orders with alerts and reminders directly from the asset record at the click of a button and track them to completion​

Veoci’s platform provides a digital storage place for complete maintenance history for every single light, sign and all other assets on the airfield, easily accessible to those authorized. All information is organized efficiently, helping airports to identify underlying issues with utility providers. Communication among departments is active, quick and easy with the mobile accessibility of Veoci’s chat, alert and notification tools. Complete situational awareness is achieved as airport management and staff are fully aware of the location and status of each facility and asset, from baggage handling equipment to elevators, to ensure that they are functioning safely and optimally.

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