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BCP / COOP for Higher Education

Veoci helps you to manage your BCP/COOP program with ease. Updating and maintaining plans is organized, efficient and painless. The life cycle of plan management is automated as well as the execution of recovery strategies. Veoci aggregates plan detail information to determine overall campus impact by dependency, function, department and more.

End-to-end program management including BIA, Actionable Recovery Strategies, Plan development, Testing and Exercise.

Automatically Put Recovery Plans Into Operation: Recovery plans flow directly into task assignments without system-to-system translation or manual activity.

Zero RTO Reality: When critical applications are compromised, use alternate versions set up in Veoci or rapidly deploy pre-planned stopgap solutions during a crisis.

Rightsize the Response: Recovery plans are dynamically sized based on the impacted systems and resources.

Evergreen Plan Life Cycle Management: Forms aren’t a chore for the coordinators to fill out and the data goes directly into your plan. Reminders integrated directly into your plan improve maintenance and accountability.

Face crisis and continuity challenges with expert solutions designed for you and your teams.

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