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Managing Business Continuity Plans is a chore. Gathering all the necessary data and running analysis, getting coordinators to do their annual updates, maintaining contact list, and running drills - it's a lot to do. For something so important to your business' survival and success, it's one of the most neglected mission critical activities. Veoci makes it easy and hassle-free to keep them up to date and accurate, and also lets you test your responses directly from your BCPs themselves.

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Managing BCPs is A Lot of Work, But It Can Be Simpler

Doing risk assessments and running BIAs is not something to be avoided. Using custom built web-based forms tailored to your organization's characteristics, make it easy for teams and coordinators to keep data up to date.

Build actionable plans, not just checklists. Veoci's Actionable Recovery Plans automatically launch actions (team notifications, stakeholder alerts, task assignments, dashboard generation) directly from the BCP itself.

Automated reminders and task assignments along with dashboards showing readiness states increase accountability and generate dialog across the business.

Make BCP part of your daily operations. Use Veoci's integrated collaboration tools to facilitate conversations and gain grass roots insight into how to evolve and improve your BCP management and processes.

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