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Emergency Management

In times of crisis, it’s crucial for a utility to stay up and running and provide essential services to the public. Veoci is your ally during an emergency by serving as a centralized hub for all aspects of your utility’s emergency preparedness, response, and recovery. Bring everything under one digital roof and create a virtual EOC with Veoci.

Use GIS mapping to visualize incidents and critical tasks happening out in the field and share curated views of closures and impacted areas with stakeholders and the public

Instantly alert teams with notifications to developments, task assignments, and work orders

Facilitate communication with stakeholders and your entire organization

End-to-end exercise management with the ability to run virtual tabletop drills using your digitized emergency plan

Launch and control plans according to a timeline while tracking the assignment and completion of tasks

Build & manage EOP, IAP, AAR, and hazard specific ERPs

Face crisis and continuity challenges with expert solutions designed for you and your teams.

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