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ICS & IAP Management for Government

An organized, quick, and efficient response is the best answer to any incident. With Veoci’s ICS and IAP management solutions, you get that response. Create plans using organized data, and launch them as soon as you need to. Keep your teams up to date with immediate alerts, and visualize incidents on a digital map. Veoci enables you to manage and control an incident's impact.

Understand the situation through total situational awareness quickly by centralizing and maintaining all info gathering

Workflow and Tasks Assignment tools to ensure the successful processing and completion of various jobs

Initiate a structured response based on a pre-designed plan at the click of a button

Create point-and-click configurable online forms documenting all necessary processes and information

Alert and notify all responders on multiple mediums—phone, SMS, and email.

Face crisis and continuity challenges with expert solutions designed for you and your teams.

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