Incident Response & Daily Operations

Veoci is not just about dealing with catastrophic events. Many of your daily operations, such as inventory management, work order management, and incident response can be streamlined with Veoci. Incorporating Veoci into your daily operations is easy with our social media like interface and point-and-click configuration. You’ll wonder how you stayed organized without it.

When an ice storm takes down half your grid, it’s time to send the call out and get more crews on the lines. The extra crews make getting power back to homes and businesses easier, but organizing the aid can be a challenge. From building the roster to demobilization, Veoci takes the headaches out of mutual aid so you can ensure the return of services to your customers.

Obtain situational awareness through real-time phone, text, and email communication as well as dashboards created by you to display important information

Monitor response progress and stay on top of work through tasks with linked reminders

Assess damage right from the field with digital forms and attached photographs

Create a space for you, other people, and stakeholders to directly coordinate, collaborate, and communicate

Completed forms can be transferred from one operational period to the next for quick updates and increased efficiencies.

Face crisis and continuity challenges with expert solutions designed for you and your teams.

Learn how Veoci puts you in control