Mutual Aid & Assistance

When an ice storm takes down half your grid, it’s time to send the call out and get more crews on the lines. The extra crews make getting power back to homes and businesses easier, but organizing the aid can be a challenge. From building the roster to demobilization, Veoci takes the headaches out of mutual aid so you can ensure the return of services to your customers.

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Faster Crew Management for Faster Service Restoration

Take a quick tally of the visiting linemen, what they’ll need during their stay, and assign them to work sites using Veoci Forms

Build digital, field-ready incident resolution and reimbursement forms so each crew has the tools they need to guarantee fast processes

Workflows make sure approvals are escalated to the right people and expedite payment for the visiting crews by implementing efficient digital processes

Before sending your crews, use Veoci to maintain situational awareness; ensure your utility can face the challenges ahead

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