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Safety Management System for Aviation

Veoci’s safety management system (SMS) product is a framework based on FAA recommendations that an airport can adopt to help identify hazards and control risks. Airports can use this Veoci's SMS solution to deal with accidents, incidents and near misses to proactively mitigate risk and apply lessons learned to improve safety and efficiency. This solutions includes tools for audit checklists, risk matrices, safety risk assessment (SRA) and technical risk assessment (TRA) tracking, mitigation management and assignment, reporting (public, private and anonymous) and analytics.

Identify and report potential safety concerns directly through other Veoci documents such as inspections and work orders

Assign mitigation actions to stakeholders and accountable executives

Use GIS mapping to visualize hazard locations and identify patterns

Use customized risk matrices to rate risks based on likelihood and severity

Create public portals for public and anonymous reporting

Deploy custom dashboards to quickly visualize hazard mitigation tasks and processes.

With Veoci you can document your emergency plans, procedures, checklists and risk management information, allowing for easy and quick sharing of incidents, accidents and plans. Create a transparent SMS program with a culture of open and easy hazard reporting. Assign teams to evaluate and score risks based on your customized risk matrix of likelihood and severity. Use reports and trend analysis to help learn and update your plans and procedures.

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