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Safety Management System for Aviation

A Safety Management System (SMS) is a framework based on FAA recommendations that airports can adopt to help anticipate and address safety issues before they lead to an accident. Furthermore, airports can use SMS to deal with accidents and near misses proactively and apply lessons learned to improve safety and efficiency of your airport - all while integrating with Part 139 operations.

A simple database for each type of accident or situation to track when the policy document was last updated and the frequency of use

Checklists within each database to list each step and note their completion

Open, web-based forms sent straight to your internal Veoci system for risk analysis and assessment

GIS mapping and instant image sharing to visualize and pinpoint exact locations of concern

Gain insight from incident reports and trend analyses that show you exactly what happened

Integrate with Part 139 operations by tracking airfield inspections, wildlife logs, personnel training records, etc. to identify recurring discrepancies

With Veoci, your emergency plans and procedures are linked directly with your airport’s safety policy. These plans/procedures are easily accessible to the right people exactly when they need it in their designated databases with reminders to make sure these documents are updated appropriately. A culture of open and easy hazard reporting is created with our web forms and each risk is scored in terms of its severity. All Part 139 operations are managed easily and proactively. After-action reports and trend analyses help you to learn from each incident to continue to improve your response.

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