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Wildlife Management for Aviation

To meet the standards in place by the FAA as well as ensure safety of airplane pilots and passengers, the identification and removal of wildlife hazards within the airfield environment is required, while at the same time protecting wildlife and their habitats. These hazards include bird strikes, obstructing wildlife habitats or other animals such as deer and coyotes in the way of the runway.

Drag-and-drop configurable forms for easy documentation whenever wildlife is spotted on the airfield and all other important details of the sighting, encounter or incident

Connects all internal and external agencies involved in managing local wildlife habitats and incidents

GIS mapping to pinpoint problem locations and identify wildlife patterns to come up with efficient wildlife mitigation strategies

Document all important details such as date and time of incident, wildlife type, mitigation, etc. all available on map and high-level dashboard views to assess patterns and solve the issue

Veoci allows your airport to be proactive by monitoring and managing obstructing wildlife and wildlife habitats with a quick, easy and interactive system. It also allows you to clearly visualize patterns to help you identify present or potential security threats. For example: one of our airport customers noticed an increased sighting in Coyote at a particular location on the airfield that prompted them them to identify a hole in the fence near that location, using Veoci’s mapping and tracking capabilities. All departments remain connected through the Veoci system in order to accelerate the problem-solving process.

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