Wildlife Management

Veoci’s wildlife hazard management solution lets airports efficiently manage their internal wildlife hazard management plans (WHMP) by streamlining documentation and tracking strategies used to inspect and mitigate wildlife safety concerns. Integrations with the FAA Wildlife Strike Database allow for easy submission of strike information with minimal data entry. This solution assists certificated airports with their FAR Part 139.337 compliance.

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All Wildlife Data, All Processes, All in One Location

Create a regional species database that includes pictures to quickly identify wildlife surrounding your airport

Document hazing and strike information to easily update WHMPs

Submit FAA strike forms and receive record numbers through automatic integrations

Connect internal and external stakeholders in your wildlife hazard management plan

Use GIS mapping to pinpoint problem locations and identify wildlife patterns

Manage depredation permits and monitor depredation numbers through one common database

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Wildlife poses a significant risk to the safety of passengers in the aviation environment. With this solution, an airport can quickly and easily document inspections and mitigations related to wildlife management. A centralized database of wildlife information makes updating WHMPs, visualization of patterns and management of your permits easy.

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