Respond to COVID-19 as an Organization

The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented. The pandemic has placed strains on much of daily life, including business operations. In this time, organizations need avenues for getting information out, gathering data, and facilitating virtual communication and collaboration between their employees and constituents, something Veoci is designed exactly to do.

Manage the Crisis from One Place

A Veoci Dashboard containing all the tools and reports your organization needs to manage the crisis, communicate with and notify all stakeholders, and track incoming data.

Dashboards Tailored for Teams and Executives

Create Dashboards for various teams and leadership so they can have views of the data that matters to their operations, and provide them with a virtual space to interact and work using the Rooms attached to Dashboards

A+ Security and 100% Availability

Use of Veoci has quadrupled since the started of the pandemic and there have been no hiccups – Voeci will always be available for you and your teams to communicate and perform operations

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