Hear from Veoci’s Own Fire, Emergency Management and EMS Responders

For those who have never worked as a first responder, it’s difficult to understand what a day, or night, in the lives of those who arrive on the scene of an emergency first really looks like from the inside. The responsibility is immense, swift response is vital, and behind the scenes, the best of training is required. We are thankful and fortunate to have people who serve on our team, as we are for all first responders who dedicate themselves to helping others. Hearing their stories firsthand is essential to truly appreciating all that they do.

Inside Emergencies

Learn about the emergency and response experiences of many of Veoci’s team members

Helping Today

See how these responders experiences in the field help them do their jobs at Veoci now

The Future of Response Technology

The panel discusses how technology has fit into emergency response and will continue settling itself as a foundational component of response

Watch the Webinar

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