How LendingTree Stays Rooted Through Storms & Other Threats

The Resiliency Team at LendingTree knows that maintaining full situational awareness is essential during storms and other continuity threats. They built a comprehensive storm monitoring dashboard that pulls weather patterns, organization-specific preparation and response checklists, up-to-date statistics, social media updates and more using Veoci, creating a sense of situational awareness organization-wide. Watch this webinar to see the solution.

One source for all event data.

The LendingTree Resilience Team captures all relevant data in their virtual information center.

Custom dashboards for all events and emergencies.

Dashboards tailored to the situation keep the most important and useful data in front of stakeholders.

Situational awareness is a given.

All stakeholders, from the Resiliency Team to leadership, can see the organization’s response as the event develops and changes shape.

Watch the Webinar

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