How Tulsa EM Improved Safety Operations at the Tulsa State Fair

Each year, the Tulsa State Fair sees between 1.2 to 1.5 million guests over an 11 day event. The Expo Square Fairgrounds spans 1 by 1.5 miles and contains 22,000 animals, 13 parking lots and various security and operations teams including Tulsa county security, expo security, Tulsa Fire Department, first aid teams, midway operators and more – the Tulsa State Fair is no small operation.

After reviewing lessons learned from previous years of this massive event, the Tulsa Area Emergency Management team found the opportunity to further utilize their virtual collaboration platform, Veoci, for the key areas they were looking to improve: child reunification, managing banned guests, parking lot status updates, towed vehicle tracking and weather monitoring. 

With over 100 deputies stationed at midway (where children most often get separated from their families) and the noise of over 100,000 people, concerts, rides and more – the reporting of a missing child can become disorganized. Similarly, tracking those asked not to return to the fair, checking the capacity of the many parking areas, and potential severe storm tracking were feats the Tulsa Area EM team overcame with success. Join our webinar to find out how.

11 days, 1.5 million guests, 22,000 animals, 13 parking lots – everything managed.

Veoci is a place for the whole team — from TEMA to fair organizers, police, and more — to collaborate, share information, and keep the event safe for its 1.5 million guests.

Updates, weather tracking, and more – full situational awareness.

TEMA and other stakeholders get all relevant information and updates from one virtual location.

Simplifying reunification and standard operations.

It’s not just emergencies and incidents; TEMA and fair organizers manage parking and other operations from Veoci, too.

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