The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Contracts with Veoci to Implement an Incident and Case Management Solution

The NTSB Implements Veoci for Case and Incident Management

Veoci announces a contractual relationship with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in which Veoci provides the Agency with a web-based incident management system. This system assists the Agency in responding to civil transportation accidents and incidents, and provides a platform for case management operations as well.

Civil transportation accidents and incidents have many moving components, including communicating with local, state, and federal stakeholders, performing incident management, and managing recovery and investigations. This requires an assisting tool to have robust communication features, the capability to store and activate plans, and the infrastructure to keep sensitive information away from uninvolved parties.

Veoci, as a web-based platform, enables the Agency to quickly and efficiently perform many of the annexes and operations included in incident and case management. The Agency can send its stakeholders timely and accurate information as it becomes available, keep case data secure, and oversee the incident management lifecycle all with the Veoci platform. Additionally, Veoci has integrated with the Agency’s existing emergency and mass notification infrastructure.

The Agency has a large scope of operations. Many times, the Agency is coordinating with multiple parties when responding to civil transportation incidents. With the Veoci platform, the Agency can streamline how it interfaces with stakeholders, improve its response operations, and make its critical functions more efficient.

The solution makes use of key Veoci features. Dashboards allow the Agency to present information in clear, concise, and digestible views; Forms enable stakeholders to quickly log information; and Workflows track different processes to completion. Additionally, Veoci’s permissions settings grant the Agency a strict grip on data, limiting which users and stakeholders can view specific data sets.

“This partnership with the NTSB will bring Veoci to the federal level, which is exciting,” Dr. Sukh Grewal, CEO of Veoci, said. “Our platform is well suited for emergency operations and incident and case management. This implementation with the Agency will prove why, and should open other doors at the federal level.”

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