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Incident Management: Veoci Administrator Training

In Incident Management: Veoci Administrator Training, students will learn how to copy, implement, and maintain incident management solutions within Veoci. During this course, students will explore how to copy digital plans and templates, script and automate notifications, create forms for data intake, and more. Additionally, this course will teach students how to maintain their solution and adapt it to new circumstances. Course instructors will also cover some of the core functionalities of Veoci to provide a complete perspective and understanding of Veoci incident management solutions.

August 24th - 26th, 2021
Virtual - Via Remote Conference
Daily - 12:00pm - 5:00pm ET

Our instructors will employ lectures, demonstrations, individual exercises, group exercises, and hands-on training throughout the course. Our team will also provide each student with a homework book containing exercises to complete before and after attending the class.

While this course is designed for new users, Veoci Bootcamp Level 1 provides a more in-depth look at Veoci, its features, and functionalities; graduates of Veoci Bootcamp Level 1 will find overlap and familiarity with the concepts in this training course.

When the course is held in New Haven, CT, light breakfast, coffee, and lunch will be provided each day. Participants will need a laptop with wireless internet capability and a power cord.

Specifically, this course will cover:

  • How to copy and work within Veoci emergency management and incident management solutions
  • Building plans and plan templates in Veoci
  • Automating and build notifications and check-ins
  • Assigning critical response tasks
  • Representing data using maps
  • Digitizing key data gathering forms like ICS forms
  • Compiling data into reports via saved views and dashboards
  • Using custom actions to automate manual EOC processes


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