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Veoci Basics Webinar

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If you're a new Veoci user, sign up for Veoci Basics Webinar. This biweekly webinar, held by the Veoci team, brings new users into Veoci and covers key platform features. Our team's Solutions Engineers deploy their expertise during the webinar, showing users what's possible on the platform and the depth of solutions. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions during the webinar. Veoci Basics Webinar is a great starting point for new Veoci users who want to learn more about the platform, how it works, and the power behind each Veoci solution.

Offered Biweekly on Fridays
Virtual - Via Remote Conference
12:00PM - 1:30PM ET

New to Veoci? Sign up for Veoci Basics Webinar, a biweekly webinar held by the Veoci team. This course introduces new users and admins to Veoci and goes over its key platform features. By attending this course, new Veoci users can learn more about Veoci as a platform, get familiar with its features, and see its range of possible solutions.

Each session is held by a Veoci Solutions Engineers, whose knowledge of the platform and experience in the field will help users understand the best ways to use the platform and solutions. This class is about 2 hours long and held in the same style as a webinar. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions after the main presentation.

Veoci Basics Webinar is a great entry point into the capabilities of our platform for new Veoci users and admins. Our team’s expert guidance will reveal what users need to get started and become comfortable using our platform.


  • Getting Started
  • Navigating Veoci
  • Forms, Tasks, Workflows, and Plans
  • A Closer Look at a Solution


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