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Veoci Fundamentals Training

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Veoci Fundamentals Training is a free short self-directed training course that engages users with the platform’s most-used features functionalities. This course explores the Veoci interface, available views, communication features, and record creation. This course takes about 5 hours to complete; users are given 2 weeks to complete the training as well. Additionally, the Veoci team provides support for this course regularly. Veoci Fundamentals Training is also a prerequisite for Veoci Administrator Solution Training courses and is offered to all Veoci customers at no cost.

Offered Biweekly on Mondays
5 Hours to Complete

You can pick up a few more skills by taking Veoci Fundamentals Training, a short self-directed training course that covers the platform’s primary functionalities. Through the lessons contained in Veoci Fundamentals Training, users will be able to comfortably move around the Veoci interface, utilize available views, engage with Veoci’s native communication features, and manage and create entries via Forms and Workflows.

Veoci Fundamentals Training opens the door for our users and accelerates learning. This brings the platform’s core features into view and ingrains them into the user’s experience through hands-on self-directed exercises within Veoci. 

We give users 2 weeks to complete the course, which takes about 5 hours to complete. Users will be provided with learning materials and access to a Veoci Room to complete the course exercises. Fundamentals Training Support, additional live office hours with our Solution Engineers, will also be available to users who take this course.

Veoci Fundamentals Training is also a prerequisite for the following Veoci courses: Incident Management: Veoci Administrator Training, Business Continuity: Veoci Administrator Training, and Airport Administrator Solution Training. While Veoci Fundamentals Training is required for the listed courses, the training is open to all students, and we encourage all Veoci users to explore the materials and lessons provided through the course.


  • Navigating the Veoci Interface
  • Room Views
  • Cockpit and Communication


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