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Digitally Managing Your POD Operations

Early phases of COVID-19 vaccinations will likely leverage existing POD systems or ones being developed for screening and supply chain, but other aspects of PODs such as staffing and throughput management will not likely be included in those systems. Later phases will only increase the burden. In this webinar, we address modern methods for efficiently managing POD operations and the potential add-ons that may be helpful as requirements change.

What will you learn from this webinar? 

With Veoci you can...

POD Personnel Management

Handle POD staff operations, such as shift sign ups, and managing available and filled shifts through virtual forms and calendars

Log Vaccine Administration Data

Track patient data, logging if and when the vaccination was administered and accommodating required waiting periods for throughput

Capture POD Location Data

Capture individual POD location data, such as address, description, hours of operation

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