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Whether you're planning ahead, going about business as usual, or sounding the alarm, Veoci helps you stay in control.

Veoci leads the way in software solutions for crisis management, emergency response, and business continuity - configured to how your teams and organization work.

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Get it done now. Roll out robust new processes in a week, so your teams can take advantage of the improvements right away. Easy to use with top notch support, Veoci lets you build everything you need with no-code, no-hassle solutions. We are built by practitioners and experts who care.

What can you build with Veoci?

Real world solutions used daily across industries

What sets Veoci apart


Tired of having to buy modules or log in to multiple systems?

All of Veoci's capabilities are ready for immediate use, without the limitations of modular add-ons or extra costs for advanced functionality. Cut down time spent logging into different systems, and learning to use them, too.

Manage all aspects of your plans and responses with ease

Is it hard keeping your teams on the same page?

Technology is supposed to make collaboration easier, but does it? More ways to communicate doesn't always mean communication is happening. Streamline and organize information into one central location so no one is a text message behind.

Share situational awareness among all teams in real time

Does it feel like your tools break more than they fix?

Don't disrupt what works - you know your organization's needs. Veoci's configurability means there's no need to reinvent the wheel. And it's always up and running - there's no downtime for Veoci.

Coordinate a response with multiple stakeholders

Need support when things are going wrong, and right?

With Veoci, you don't just get software, you join a community of practitioners and experts dedicated to making sure your solutions do their job, sharing how they make their missions successful.

Maintain a positive, lasting reputation

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