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Breakthrough: Altru Health System's Emergency Management on Veoci

Jun 5, 2017

Back to Veoci BlogBreakthrough: Altru Health System's Emergency Management on Veoci
“Not only does the Veoci team have the technical expertise, but they are experts in response protocol. So as you’re working with them to configure the system to your own specific needs- they are also able to understand what you’re going through and what response protocol is required. It’s a great team, so shout out to them.” 

Sheryl Austin, Director of Safety, Altru Health System 

About Altru 

Altru Health System is a community of over 4,000 health professionals and support staff who have served the region for over 100 years. The Altru team serves more than 220,000 residents of a 17-county region in northeast North Dakota and northwest Minnesota.

Veoci for hospital emergency response.

Before Veoci

  • Long time (45 minutes or more) to activate response team 
  • Improvised Response to Incidents 
  • Problematic Communication 
  • Suboptimal After-Action Report - from memory, paper notes and emails 
  • Onerous Documentation Effort

With Veoci

  • 15 minutes to activate response team 
  • ‍One-button launch of pre-planned, yet flexible assignments, workflows and notifications for individuals and teams
  • ‍Responders connected immediately - instant messaging, voice calls, automatic conference calls  
  • ‍Continuous time-stamped multi-media log through the incident 
  • ‍HICS Forms, HVAs, After-Action Reports in one secure platform 

Veoci - The Solution

Veoci is Altru’s all-in-one solution for organizing and managing all phases of emergencies - from housing critical information, documenting each step of exercises, drills and real incidents, and gathering feedback and creating after-action reports for continued improvement. 

Communication Power 

At the first sign of an incident, at the touch of a button, phone calls, text messages, emails are all sent out with a canned message to the pre-planned list of people for that type of incident. Altru finds that Veoci has reduced the time it takes to get key people together to minutes, and with details with Veoci on their mobile devices or desktops.

Built-in Mass Notification 

With Altru’s location in North Dakota, weather is often a major issue. This is where mass notification comes in handy everyday.  All 4,500 employees, specific lists of personnel, or one or more teams are all notified via phone call, SMS text or email all within the same Veoci platform. 

Getting the team together 

An administrator can also set up response options in minutes on Veoci. After the check-in request is sent, the administrator can view all responses and choose to resend as required to get the quorum needed. 

Automatic Conference Calls 

An invite is sent out, click on a button to join. No dial, no fuss. 

Documentation in One System from Start to Finish


Altru follows the Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) methodology, a standardized process for responding to incidents in hospitals or healthcare systems. In Veoci, all standardized HICS documents and forms are right at their fingertips. On custom dashboards, the team can view all HICS objectives, key decisions, time-stamped notable events (even used to note when pizza was ordered during an overnight incident). 

After-Action Reporting

The Altru team sends out easy-to-setup custom Veoci forms via email to all employees and their responses are fed directly into a Veoci dashboard. 


HVAs are managed in Veoci across all of Altru's on and off-site locations and sorted by type of risk such as hazardous material, human, natural or technological hazards. Using Veoci, the Altru team can run reports and prioritize mitigation, planning, and exercises based on their top hazards. 

PIO Processes

Altru’s Public Information Office has their own dashboard where they pull information on what happened with the incident, enter text and submit it to the incident commander for approval as needed. When severe weather keeps PIOs stranded, Veoci is accessible over the internet from wherever they happen to be. 

Customizing Veoci - Do it Your Way

With 322 licensed beds, the Altru team describes themselves as “not big yet not tiny” and has taken advantage of Veoci’s easy and extensive DIY no-code configurability. Each Hospital section, finance, operations, logistics, etc. , can set up their processes with their own tailor-made dashboard with the information that matters to them - communicate, collaborate, control all in one platform. Click here to request a recording of Altru's webinar!

Image: Michael Barera via Wikimedia Commons

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