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A Helping Hand: Veoci Honored with the New Haven Youth Services Department Award

Apr 19, 2018

Back to Veoci BlogA Helping Hand: Veoci Honored with the New Haven Youth Services Department Award

Community & Collaboration: 2018 YSB Community Partner of the Year Award

On April 17th 2017, The City of New Haven Youth Services Department presented Veoci with the 2018 YSB (Youth Services Bureau) Community Partner of the Year at The Great Escape Charity Breakfast. The award is a symbol of our dedication to the New Haven community and an honor to receive. Collaborating with the city and the department is something we’re more than happy to do; it not only benefits the community, but also encourages us to continue expanding our own understanding of Veoci and its capabilities. We’re proud to be so involved in the program. 

YouthStat, the principle program, makes a monumental difference in the lives of young New Haven citizens every day. It’s a robust program and instrumental in The City of New Haven Youth Services Department achieving their goals. Veoci is integral to YouthStat; it brings all involved team members into one space, allowing each individual to receive the resources and attention they need to continue growing. This level of teamwork and city-wide collaboration is what makes the program so successful.

A special thanks goes to Shaleah Williams, YouthStat and Veoci Program Manager. The program wouldn’t be possible without her dedication.

We look forward to continuing our work with The City of New Haven Youth Services Department. 

Read more about Veoci's involvement with New Haven's YouthStat program here.

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