Capturing Data from Remote Meetings

Non-essential businesses and organizations across the country (and the world) have shifted to a remote work structure to keep their workers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, and to comply with widespread stay-at-home and lockdown orders.

During the temporary change to working environments, businesses and organizations have adapted their operations accordingly. Teams now hold meetings online using a number of different conferencing tools. Meetings, because of the separation the pandemic has caused, are often more frequent, and center around topics critical to operations.

Many organizations using Veoci have implemented a solution for maintaining meeting schedules and capturing the information discussed within them. This solution helps these organizations maintain a battle rhythm throughout the response (and meet the FEMA requirement where applicable).

A Veoci Form makes capturing meeting notes a simple process for the user. The fields ask for the meeting type, the start and end time and date, agenda notes, actionable items discussed in the meeting and more. Actionable items can be directly assigned as tasks, as well. And, when an entry for a meeting is created, the participants the admin selects will receive calendar invites automatically.

This solution allows the organizations that use it to coordinate their operations and response remotely despite the absence of a physical location for meeting, like an office. Additionally, it makes maintaining a cadence through this pandemic’s unique circumstances easier, and helps create documentation where it’s needed.

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