Capturing Leave Time in Accordance with the FFCRA

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) went into law on April 1st, 2020. This piece of legislation serves both businesses and workers, protecting businesses from losing funds if a worker becomes infected with COVID-19, and, by extension, employees if they need to spend their time caring for themselves or a family member with the illness .

To secure reimbursement for the hours employees spend caring for themselves or others, businesses need to accurately document how many hours each employee takes as both personal sick and family leave times.

One small business has implemented this solution, and did so quickly. Read more about how the pandemic affected so many businesses here.

When an employee needs to log sick or family leave hours, they fill out a form that asks for basic information regarding their leave request, including their name, reason(s) for requesting leave, the type of requested leave, supporting documentation, and their bank. When an employee enters the hours they’re taking, the amount they designate is docked from their total available hours as well.

This form is the first step in a workflow that escalates to the appropriate parties as the request is processed, ultimately creating a record of the leave time the employee is taking.

Because of Veoci’s security and permissions features, these entries and requests are carefully guarded and only available and visible to the appropriate parties, like that employee’s specific manager and the person in charge of collecting leave documentation.

This solution creates a sound and secure procedure for following law stipulation. It ensures that employees can safely take time for themselves and their families, and that their employers can secure federally mandated reimbursement.

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