Keeping Tabs on PPE Usage and Burn Rates

A fire department in Connecticut identified a need to track personal protective equipment (PPE) in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Veoci teamed up with them to create a solution that would meet their needs.

The finished product consists of two Forms that 1) track what is currently in inventory and 2) track what is removed from inventory.

When someone removes PPE from the inventory they have to indicate how many were removed of which items and state the reason for removal (where the equipment is going).

A dashboard accompanies these forms which displays burn rates of the PPEs so the fire department knows how quickly they’re using resources. There is also a table that displays what needs to be reordered to help the team stay on top of inventory.

With this solution, the fire department has the tools to monitor their PPE usage and make sure they’re not caught without essential equipment.

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