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Allowing Businesses to Submit Lockdown Losses Digitally

May 6, 2020

Back to Veoci BlogAllowing Businesses to Submit Lockdown Losses Digitally

Most of the U.S., and the world, locked down in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, hoping to curb the spread of the virus. This required non-essential businesses, and some government agencies, to close their doors temporarily, which came with losses (and it continues to).

The governments and municipalities will need these data sets in the coming months as reimbursements are doled out from the federal government. This data is also good to have on hand for planning, as a disaster of similar magnitude could strike at any time. 

One large California county quickly turned around a Veoci solution for this operation when the COVID-19 pandemic started. 

The county created a public Form for the business and agencies within the county and its towns to complete. By filling out this form and submitting it to the county, each business or agency could put the losses they’ve taken due to the lockdown.

This form is intuitive and easy to complete; it asks the user to note their organization’s city, name of business, a contact person along with a phone number and email address, the type of business, and an estimated dollar loss.

On the administrator (i.e. the county’s) side, this comes together in one view, giving a sense of the range and total amount of loss the county’s businesses and agencies have lost during the course of the pandemic. 

At the end of the pandemic, the county will have the information it needs from these organizations to complete reimbursement claims, other operations, and reports.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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