Bringing Efficiency to Resource Request Management

During this time, when there is an unprecedented demand for COVID-19 resources, providers need a quick and reliable way to request supplies or additional staff, track the progress of those requests, and get confirmation that their orders have been received. At the same time, suppliers want to know that their products are en route and eventually received by the requestor.

Traditional communication methods have made this more difficult. Often times, requests are made on paper, via email or over the phone, making them difficult to track—not something that is plausible when managing high volumes.

Veoci offers a simplified and structured way to make and receive requests for vital COVID-19 resources such as, personal protective equipment, ventilators or staff. Using either a simple online Form or a Workflow, an internal or external request for resources can be made to designated individuals or groups. The progress of these requests is then tracked and reviewed via reporting Dashboards. Customized Dashboards can be created both for requestors, as well as providers for tracking the status of supply acquisition and routing. Workflows come with notifications and alerts to ensure that requests are received and acknowledged. Customers may also choose to pair this functionality with inventory management and asset management solutions which comprise resource tagging/check-in/check/out, expenditure tracking, and logistics coordination, among other things.

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