Digitally Tracking Calls and Pandemic Data

In Veoci’s home state of Connecticut, every individual, business, and municipality has been touched by the realities of the COVID-19 virus. Every day brings updated guidance, restrictions, and news to keep the spread of the virus as stunted as possible – and all the questions that naturally arise from all this information.

One public health organization in Connecticut was getting a very high volume of phone calls from the public. People were reporting cases of COVID-19, asking about symptoms, and making general inquiries about the virus and staying safe.

This public health department quickly realized that they needed a way to manage all of the calls that were coming in and to log inquiries that would serve as data down the road. They asked Veoci to help put together a solution to help them manage it all.

Veoci worked in conjunction with the public health department to create electronic Forms that the public health officials and nurses who were answering the phones could use to guide the call and collect the most relevant data.

Veoci helped the department create a Dashboard that organized all of the collected information into an organized view with charts and data tables. This provided a holistic picture of the calls coming in, and provided a view to track the spread of infections.

The Form categories that are displayed on this Dashboard include: number of calls received per day, call reason, high priority calls, case studies for follow-up cases, follow-up cases by reason, and the epidemic curve.

Together, all of these pieces work to provide clarity to the public health department and assist with keeping their answers consistent.

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