Happy Safer Internet Day: How Veoci Can Help

Feb 9, 2016

Back to Veoci BlogHappy Safer Internet Day: How Veoci Can Help

Children born into this generation have been exposed to a level of information that was never possible, let alone so remarkably simple, to access before. Information is digitized and shared within seconds, all readily available in the tiny hands of a school kid with a smartphone. For adults however, the danger is not about what is exposed to you, but what you are exposing. 

The world is becoming more and more powered by data and now is the time to ensure, children and adults alike, that the Internet remains a safe place to access, share and store valuable information. Safer Internet Day is an awareness-raising campaign that began in 2004 and is now celebrated in more than 100 countries. 

This year’s Safer Internet Day theme is “Play your part for a better Internet.” Saferinternetday.us says that they hope to achieve that, “not just by increasing the number of people who use the Internet and connected technologies safely and responsibly but also by growing the amount of good there is online and using the Internet to increase its visibility and impact. We’re talking about expressions of kindness and positive social action, big or small, by people of all ages.” Here at Veoci, we couldn’t agree more with their mission. As a software platform that our customers use to house some of their most vital data, we take safe and secure communication very seriously. Over 100 billion business emails are sent and received each day and email remains the predominant method of communication at work. The Trojan horses and malware that are embedded or linked from them, the ease with which they can be shared, they way in which one password gives access to someone’s entire inbox (not to mention the ability to use that inbox to send malicious content) – are just some of the liabilities associated with emails. And they are just some of the reasons why Veoci is a Closed Communication System. In this alternative to insecure emails:

  • Communication is only possible between verified identities and outsiders are not allowed
  • Access controls are determined before and during the creation of content and the content simply will not exist outside the wall of the room it was meant to stay in
  • Unlike email, the data cannot easily be accessed or disseminated without execution of defined, mandatory protocols

Our goal is not to replace email, but to take critical, high security content and data out of the email system. Our system still utilizes email for alerts and warnings, thus playing our part for a better Internet and embodying the goal of Safer Internet Day by removing potential corruption and data theft from the system and replacing it with good- the ability to spread situational awareness, activate emergency plans, and recover quickly from disaster in order to save lives.

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