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National Preparedness Month in Full Swing at Veoci

Sep 25, 2019

Back to Veoci BlogNational Preparedness Month in Full Swing at Veoci

What did we do for National Preparedness Month?

In honor of National Preparedness Month this September, we decided to brush up on our internal company preparedness at Veoci!

Employees participated in a learning activity that made sure they knew the location of key safety items including the fire alarm, the first aid kit, and the fire extinguisher. They were also re-familiarized with exit routes and rally points in case of emergency. Important people in the office in the case of an emergency, such as our safety officers and employees with CPR certifications, were identified. 

We quizzed the entire office to see how prepared they were after the training. Then, four winners were selected randomly to receive either a preparedness kit or a fire extinguisher!

The winners of our National Preparedness Month quiz at Veoci.
Our preparedness quiz winners with their prizes.

The preparedness kits contained flashlights, batteries, granola bars, a crank radio, thermal blankets, iodine drops, a first aid kit, a multi-purpose tool, and matches. They were inspired by this blog post from Veoci’s very own Mark Demski, who used to be an emergency manager.  

Taking the steps to get prepared before disaster strikes is crucial to not only your personal safety, but to the safety of your business. It’s never inconvenient to take a step back, make a plan, and ensure that everyone is aware of what that plan entails!

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