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Veoci’s Work with Remote Northern Ontario Airports Featured in Airport Improvement Magazine

Sep 10, 2019

Back to Veoci BlogVeoci’s Work with Remote Northern Ontario Airports Featured in Airport Improvement Magazine

Ensuring the success of our customers is paramount to the Veoci team. We know that our users, and their organizations, make substantial differences in the daily lives of many people, which is always a key driver in the solutions we deliver. 

In the September 2019 issue of Airport Improvement Magazine, a featured article details how 29 Northern Ontario airports digitized SMS (safety management system) with Veoci.

The Veoci team worked closely with the staff at the airports to digitize their SMS, inspections, and Part 139 operations.
Veoci Solutions Engineers Scott Rosen (pictured, left) and Swaraj Kler worked closely with staff to digitize SMS across the network of airports.

This was a critical project for these airports. The 29 airports primarily serve First Nations and Indigenous populations in isolated regions, meaning these airports are often the bridges to other parts of the province. Winter ice roads aren't available for use most of the year, making these airports the only entry points for supplies, freight, medicine, and other goods. The continuity of these airports' operations are critical to ensuring these communities can meet their needs year-round.

By streamlining and digitizing these airport operations, these hubs can be more efficient. This means an easier time meeting compliance standards, and providing more reliable service to the populations these facilities serve. 

If you’d like to read more about our work with these airports and the Ministry of Ontario, find the full article at

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