Susquehanna County Community Working Together to Report Drug Activity

Sep 1, 2016

Back to Veoci BlogSusquehanna County Community Working Together to Report Drug Activity

Susquehanna County, PA knows that nothing great can be accomplished without a little team work. So when the District Attorney’s office wanted a way to stop drug activity, they turned to the community- with a little help from Veoci. Robert Klein, District Attorney of Susquehanna County, worked with his team to create a public form using Veoci’s drag-and-drop custom form builder that the community could access and use to report any suspected drug activity in the county. Residents can fill out the form, anonymously or not, stating the date and approximate time, location, and type of drug-related incident or sighting. They then can freely describe the incident and even give descriptions of the individuals or vehicles involved.

The Veoci Form used by Susquehanna County in Pennsylvania

Once submitted, all of the form information automatically enters Susquehanna’s “Fight Crime” Room in Veoci, where the DA’s office can review it and assign tasks to sheriffs and detectives for investigation. Since the Drug Activity Report Form’s implementation in the beginning of March 2016, 93 submissions have been made. The Veoci team is always extremely proud to see our customers promote community action and use our features as building blocks to create modern solutions to better their communities, organizations and businesses. Our software’s ability could be put to no better use than ensuring the safety and peace of families and community members.

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