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Veoci's Top Blog Posts of 2017 and of All Time

Jan 5, 2018

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In the Veoci Blog, we aim not to simply provide good reading for those in the emergency management and public safety sectors, but to share too what we are learning day by day as a rapidly growing safety and operations solution. 2017 was another great year of sharing helpful facts, unique insights, and exciting innovations on the Veoci blog. Let’s take a look at the most read blog posts this past year.

Most Read Posts of 2017

Tornado Center of the United States - Springfield Missouri

Image of tornado sweeping across a plain

Disaster response remains one of our greatest areas of expertise, and we are always striving to educate ourselves.  In our research, we found that Springfield, Missouri is at the geometric center of all tornadoes occurring in the US.  

Responding to Civil Unrest Using Veoci: UVA’s Health System’s Response to Charlottesville

Image of a doctor's stethoscope

With one of the most unsettling events of the year as its topic, it is no surprise that this post got a lot of attention from readers. Our customers at the University of Virginia Health System utilized our system for real-time communication and record-keeping during the violent events that took place in Charlottesville on August 12.

Katrina Response: A Failure to Communicate

Image of a dispatcher/operator

When attempting to perfect your community or organization’s response to natural disaster, it is not uncommon to read up on lessons learned from one of the worst disasters in US history. This blog highlights the major flaw in the response to Hurricane Katrina: lack of communication.

Back to School: How Veoci Helps Universities Stay Organized

Veoci Mapping Solution image

Veoci’s abilities extend far beyond being a tool users activate when something goes wrong. Yale University Facilities Operations uses Veoci to help manage many facility operational functions including campus light inventory, asset inspections and more.

Reducing Recidivism with Project Fresh Start and Veoci

Image of job application

As Veoci’s hometown and one of the product’s very first customers, we have a strong loyalty to New Haven and we are incredibly proud to help create a solution to recidivism in the city. Project Fresh Start aims to cut recidivism, or prison reentry, by 50 percent by 2020.  

Veoci Top Blog Posts of all time

Most Read Posts of All Time

Veoci Named Gartner Cool Vendor 2015

Image of hands typing on a laptop

Gartner’s Cool Vendor program identifies innovative new vendors, products and services. Veoci is extremely proud to be nominated and chosen by Gartner’s experts in business continuity and disaster recovery.  

Sixty-One Years of Disasters and Disaster Declarations - Some Basics

Our resident disaster analyst and CEO, Dr. Sukh Grewal, shares some key facts paired with helpful graphs on the disaster declarations and their trends.  

El Niño, El Desastre: Part 2

Image of a storm with clouds and lightning

This post urges readers to be prepared for the effects of El Niño and highlights the past major El Niño phenomena.    

Easier Done than Said - Getting Started on the FAA SMS Directive

Image of airplane

Airport SMS (Safety Management System), a set tools, examples, and guidelines to help airports manage safety risks, is often an area of confusion and apprehension for airports. This blog shows that it doesn’t have to be.     

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