How Veoci Eases the Return-to-Work Process

Aug 12, 2021

Back to Veoci BlogHow Veoci Eases the Return-to-Work Process

Organizations can't rush into the return-to-work process; it will require considerable thought and preparation. Preventing the spread of COVID-19 is a job all of us, not just medical professionals and public health departments, need to step into.

As an institution, your organization can actively work towards reducing the likelihood of COVID-19 by catering its return-to-work to preventative measures like social distancing and pre-screening. Additionally, the availability of vaccines grants organizations yet another possible safety measure.

Veoci has enabled its customers to implement over 400 solutions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including return-to-work solutions. These solutions have served organizations through each stage of the pandemic, from the initial rush and confusion to the availability of vaccines. As conditions changed, the solutions adapted and reformed to meet the exact needs of organizations. The next step for many organizations is requiring vaccinations for workers that come into the office. 

Organizations can send out a workflow for employees to complete. This appears as a form for the employees. 

Filling out the form is simple; it asks for basic identification information, including name and contact details. This form can also capture more qualifiers about employees, such as department, position, and reporting manager. Finally, employees confirm their vaccination status. For organizations that also accept test results, this form can be adapted to gather test results.

From here, the workflow, which employees filled out as a form, routes to personnel who can confirm the submission. The initial form can gather the lot/batch serial as a special measure, which can then be cross referenced with existing state vaccination records. In the event of a false report, a follow-up from HR can be sent out to the employee.

This data can then be integrated into building access applications and systems, which can ensure only permitted employees are entering facilities. Veoci can also integrate with existing access systems to control who has key access to the building each day.

The administrative side of this comes in a dashboard, where tiles can display all the data the process gathers. Like forms, dashboards are also fully customizable, and these views can show gathered data in any way. Personnel overseeing the operation can utilize this dashboard to put all relevant information in one spot, including confirmed submissions, pending submissions, and breakdowns by department.

Similarly, if your organization often has visitors on site, the same solution can be deployed for visitors as well.

As the pandemic continues, this solution can evolve alongside it. Your organization can implement additional questions to the confirmation form and more views to the administrative dashboard.

In order to return to work smoothly and safely, organizations will need to take precautions, including implementing new policies and procedures. Veoci’s return-to-work solution provides the tools organizations need to make these policies and procedures effective and to ease the transition back into the office.

You can learn more about this solution in this our webinar Digitized Proof of Vaccination: Simplifying the Return to Work Process.

Learn more about Veoci other COVID-19 solutions.

Photo by Adolfo Félix on Unsplash

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