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Jul 14, 2015

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We are pleased to announce that on July 7th, 2015, Grey Wall Software LLC was issued its first patent: US Patent No. 9,076,129 “Methods and Systems for Managing Group Chats among Team Members”

Veoci’s team members Sukhminder Grewal, Nathaniel Ellis, Drew Mazurek, Kenneth Moon, Tamas Simon, Daniel Dormont and Wayne Chan are duly noted as the Inventors. This patent covers the leading-edge features for Team Chat that are in VEOCI - Virtual Emergency Operations Center on the Internet. The features patented add significantly to the value and ease of collaboration on Veoci and provide a significant edge over competing products. While the basic messaging systems are in vogue, consider the success of WhatsApp, Team chat in the workplace has turned out to be more complex to navigate. 

The Veoci idea of a Team messaging backbone with fully integrated features to get work done is proving itself immensely useful with customers in verticals from colleges and schools, towns and cities, and to delivering social services and managing airports. This patent covers the seamless integration into the messaging backbone of work activities such as update of records, management or work processes or even the production of documents. The single view across mobile device and desktops into all activities - including messages, has been a big hit with users. Users see only the spaces to which they have access and then only the activities to which they have access. In Veoci, it is easy to compartmentalize those who need to know only a limited set of information. 

 The patent also covers the unique threading system in the VEOCI team chat implementation. No longer are messages, replies and further elaborations deracinated; a color scheme along with an automatic thread naming and structuring makes it possible to bring order to the chaos of a multi-user chat proceeding at high speed during a crisis. Further information on the patent can be accessed here.

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