The Town of Trumbull Revamps 311 and Work Order Management with Veoci

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    Easy Public Reporting

    The Town of Trumbull made a public Form for all their citizens and employees to make citizen service requests.

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    Instant Work Order Requests

    Veoci automatically creates work orders from incoming service requests and escalates Workflows to departments.

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    Automatic Notifications

    Through this solution, the Town of Trumbull can automatically send reminders to departments about work orders and update requestors.

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Towns take in a lot of data from 311 phone lines. All of that data is hard to handle in Excel, but many towns still do regardless. The town of Trumbull wanted to fix that for themselves. The town converted the call intake process using Veoci, and created a complete system that kicks off work orders based on calls. Download this case study to see the solution the Town of Trumbull, CT, used to revamp their 311 and work order management.

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