Activating the Command Center for an Aircraft Incident Response

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    Start your airline’s triage immediately.

    A one click activation launches thousands of checklists, notifications, and tasks to cut downtime between an incident happening and your airline responding.

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    Seamlessly integrate manifest data.

    Integrate Veoci with your airline’s tools for passenger, crew, and cargo manifest data to automatically work that data into a response.

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    Comprehensive next of kin management.

    Use manifest data to kick off next of kin management and track all communications, accommodations, and other data throughout the reunification process.

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Automate Incident Management

An aircraft incident requires a fast and calculated response to be effective. This airline used Veoci to automate their response by launching everything they need, from tasks to notifications, at the click of a button. Whether it’s for drills or a real activation, this airline and its teams are to activate the command center and respond to any incident with all of the information and tools they need.

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