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Digitally Managing FEMA Reimbursements and Streamlining Recovery

Emergencies and disasters are expensive. Reimbursement from FEMA and other governmental entities lessen the financial impact of disasters, but even that process can be time-consuming and inefficient. By digitizing the FEMA reimbursement process, governments and other eligible organizations can greatly streamline the operations and ensure they get their funds back more quickly. See how Veoci does this for its customers in this white paper.

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Simple Digital Process

Veoci captures the entire FEMA reimbursement process, letting your team manage everything, from start to finish, digitally.

Secure Upload Data to FEMA

Create PDF records of equipment use and other data to securely upload to FEMA's reimbursement submission portal.

Quick Rate and Equipment Updates

Change equipment and labor rates as circumstances change around your operations.

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