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NYU Creates a Common Operating Picture for 80,000 Students, Faculty, and Staff with Veoci

Just like many other colleges and universities, NYU had a new host of challenges to tackle with the COVID-19 pandemic. With almost 80,000 combined students, faculty, and staff, getting everyone on campus and creating a safe environment simultaneously. By centralizing data, automating processes, and seamlessly wrapping in stakeholders with Veoci, the university and Public Safety team were able to bring everyone back and get the unusual semester started.

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Tracking and Gathering Anonymous Data

The NYU team gathered critical data, such as destinations and tests results, while maintaining student privacy.

Seamless Stakeholder Coordination

Automatic notifications and digital dashboards helped keep every stakeholder and department in the know.

Total Process Digitization

The team completely moved the process into Veoci, simplifying all data gathering and response coordination.

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