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Veoci Whole Community Solutions

Veoci Whole Community Solutions are designed for the unique and intertwined needs of Fire, Police, Public Works, and other municipal and public safety departments. They can be implemented and utilized as standalone capabilities, or tied together in any combination to fit how your organization or jurisdiction works. Being able to communicate and coordinate across departments and organizations throughout your region is key to dealing with any emergency - Veoci lets you synchronize and streamline responses with the whole community in mind. Download our Whole Community Solutions Brief to see the many ways in which we can help.

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Execute Plans

Digitizing plans doesn't help if they can't be executed. Ensure that responders know what to do, and when to do them, the moment a plan is launched.

Inspect and Manage

Centralizing inspections, maintenance records, maps, and any compliance data is no easy task. Once it's done, it's even more important to actually keep everything up to date.

Track and Communicate

It's one thing to know that an asset or resource has been checked out and is in use; it's an entirely other thing to know exactly where it is, who's using it, and when it will be available again.

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