Part 139 Airfield Inspections

Federal airport certification CFR Part 139 establishes certification requirements for airports serving scheduled air carrier operations. Veoci’s FAR Part 139 inspection solution provides airfield inspection tools to assist airports with an operating certificate to remain in compliance with FAR Part 139.201 and 139.327. This solution can combine with many other Veoci olutions to create a single space for your airport's teams to communicate, collaborate, track assets, collect information and respond to emergencies.

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Simplify how You Gather and Share Part 139 Compliance Data

Inspection forms and records available in real-time via computers, tablets and mobile phones

Configure inspection forms and records through point-and-click builders to collect the information your airport needs

Mapping features to easily pinpoint exact inspection discrepancies and add notes

Creation and modification date and time stamps for accurate information representation to the FAA

Customizable FAA dashboard to share your inspection records for annual inspections

Combine your Part 139 solution with other solutions, like work order management, to create a complete FAR Part 139 platform

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Veoci's Part 139 solution not only enables your team in the airfield but during critical inspections as well. Forms allow your team to capture all essential information; dashboards and print templates make presenting the information to the FAA simple and secure. By cutting paper out of the operation, your airport can make the daily inspections much quicker, returning time to your team throughout the day for other critical operations.

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