Veoci Introduces a Modern Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) Solution

Today, Veoci announces that it is breathing new life into and revitalizing Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) management with advanced relocation mapping, real time capacity, and tasking and communication technology, all built on its Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.

Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) builds a roadmap for organizations and their departments to ensure that essential functions continue to be performed during a wide range of activations and events, including natural disasters, accidents, and cyber- or attack-related emergencies, and return to a status quo following disruptions.

Most planners are faced with a unique challenge: pulling a complex array of diverse information from across the organization to make informed decisions in the face of disruptions. Under the constraint of limited time, budgets, and resources, this level of data-gathering can be a stressful lift.

Using digital forms, maps, workflows, along with efficient HR and Facility integrations, COOP planners are now empowered to quickly collect information on essential functions and interdependencies throughout the organization. The solution’s simplicity encourages stakeholders to engage with and complete their plans. And as their workforce and resources change, each stakeholder can return to individual segments of their plan, to provide critical updates without editing cumbersome documents.

All data in the solution is rolled up into a master COOP and COG plan that is fully CGC and NIMS compliant and tailored to your jurisdiction or organization. The administrative view grows with built in risk assessments on dashboards and advanced real time analytics. Interdependencies, deconfliction reporting via charts and real time maps, vital records and resources, and other critical information is placed in easy to read dashboard views for a common operating picture, increasing the visibility of the initiative and its performance.

COOP programs are an organization-wide effort, and full participation is a cornerstone of any successful COOP. Simplifying the planning lifecycle is the goal of the Veoci COOP solution, with a key focus on making data gathering easier for operatives and stakeholders. After receiving automated, timely alerts and notifications, and filling out well-organized forms in their web browser, they can quickly fulfill their responsibilities in their organization’s continuity program.

This solution is well suited for all organizations that engage in COOP, including federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial governments, and agencies; energy and utility sectors, higher education; hospitals, healthcare facilities, and providers; other sectors and industries can implement this solution to bolster their resilience and comply with Federal regulation and statutory guidance.

Hannah Coffey, a PMP and MBCP, led the development of a modern Veoci COOP platform, based on over 15 years of experience in both compliance and activations and observations about organizations frustrations and countless after action reports. Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) is both mandatory and strategically critical for most organizations. Operations work thrives when all teams and departments can effectively integrate their critical institutional knowledge, hard-earned over many years, into essential functions across their plans. Streamlining how each stakeholder in an organization can contribute is how Veoci envisions a successful COOP, and this robust COOP solution is built to that specification.

The Veoci team will be demonstrating the updated Veoci COOP solution at the 2022 IAEM conference in Savannah, Georgia, November 14th – 16th. Visit our team at booth 201 to learn more about the solution and how we can configure it to your organization’s specific needs.

About Veoci: Veoci is a cloud-based platform for Emergency Management, Business Continuity, Continuity of Operations Planning, Team Collaboration, and Daily Operations, designed to meet the decision-making and communication requirements of multiple teams at many locations. With stringent security, highest availability, and quickly scalable performance, Veoci is designed for institutions and organizations of every size and complexity.

Contact person:  Mark Steinbach – or Hannah Coffey –

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