Chip Orton Joins Veoci as Product Manager for Emergency Management

Veoci, announces that “Chip” George K. Orton III, MBA, CPM, CEM, TEM, has joined the company as Product Manager for Emergency Management.

Orton brings with him an extensive amount of experience in the field of Emergency Management. Following his service in the United States Coast Guard, Chip obtained his Bachelor’s in Emergency Management and held positions like Strategic National Stockpile Coordinator and Operations Center Manager within the Healthcare industry before getting involved in local government. Starting as an Emergency Management Duty Officer in Fort Worth, TX, Orton ultimately worked to become the Director of Emergency Management for the City of Amarillo, TX, a position he held for over half a decade.

Veoci has established its position as the technology leader in crisis and Emergency Management, business continuity, and daily operations software. Along the way, Veoci has proven that its no-code platform, on which all of its solutions are built, offers a significant advantage over products that require programming knowledge. The platform empowers customers to rapidly deploy and update their solutions to deal with varied and evolving scenarios.

As the new Product Manager for Emergency Management, Orton will concentrate on furthering existing solutions, generating new offers, and implementing innovative solutions. With almost twenty years of field experience and eight years as a Veoci client, Chip has a unique insight into what offerings the Emergency Management space needs and an understanding of what the platform is capable of.

“Veoci’s ability to serve clients and develop solutions from government to corporate is second to none. Joining Veoci was a “no-brainer” for me as the product was so user-friendly, customizable, and offered tremendous opportunity for solutions.” Orton said.

“When you are a client of Veoci, you aren’t just getting a software product, you are obtaining access to an incredible family that strives to push the envelope and go above and beyond in everything that they do. I’m excited to bring in a client’s perspective, and continue to build and hone our products into a multi-tooled package that enhances our industry-leading solutions.”

Nathaniel Ellis, Co-Founder and Director of Strategic Solutions shared, “We are very excited to welcome Chip to our growing team. He brings years of invaluable domain experience and leadership that combine a practitioner’s knowledge of Emergency Management with a deep understanding of the enabling role that software like Veoci plays in the future of this field. He’s already making strong contributions to our new product offerings in the EM space.”

About Veoci: Veoci is a cloud-based platform for Emergency Management, business continuity, team collaboration, and daily operations, designed to meet the decision-making and communication requirements of multiple teams at many locations. With stringent security, highest availability, and quickly scalable performance, Veoci is designed for institutions and organizations of every size and complexity.

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