Scan-Optics Announces Partnership with Veoci

Two leading Connecticut cloud-based data management companies strengthen digitization offerings with partnership

MANCHESTER,Conn., Feb. 21, 2023Scan-Optics, a global leader in intelligent data management and digital transformation, today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Veoci, a leading-edge No-code Platform in use across over four hundred organizations worldwide. Together, the companies will provide customers with solutions that will seamlessly convert physical records and store digital files in a cloud-based operating system enhancing business continuity and efficiencies.

“We had the opportunity to work with Veoci on a mutual client and realized our synergies could benefit other businesses and organizations,” said Jeff Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer Scan-Optics. “This strategic business opportunity not only provides easy to use solutions for our customers but continues to promote Connecticut as a hub for SaaS technology and affirms that companies like Scan-Optics and Veoci are committed to advancing workflow technologies that help businesses perform more efficiently in a digital world.”

“We are delighted  to partner with Scan-Optics,” Dr. Sukh Grewal, CEO of Veoci, said. “As our towns and county governments invest to scan and digitize the paper of their past, this partnership provides Scan-Optics with the capabilities to digitize their future as well in the move to a paperless environment.”

Veoci’s Enterprise Class Application Development Platform is a leading edge No-Code Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS).  Veoci counts as customers: Fortune 500 companies, including the largest financial institutions; over 100 counties and towns and thirty in Connecticut alone; sixty Universities and Hospitals; and over 100 Airports including Bradley and Tweed. Veoci specializes in digitizing complex processes while the no-code platform reduces the time to develop applications by 95% over traditional coding methods; Veoci customers have built hundreds of applications on the platform on top of what our team has configured.

The partnership with Scan-Optics is significant in that it provides storage, retrieval and indexing of documents in Veoci, but also the opportunity to digitize the processes for the future. Customers will be able to retrieve digital files with speed and efficiency while automating workflows, improving customer productivity, and optimizing employees’ time spent on tedious tasks. Current and past Scan-Optics customers will also be able to take advantage of Veoci capabilities with new solutions such as robotic process automation (RPA), business processing optimization (BPO), digital mailroom and customizable workflow programs.


Scan-Optics is a global leader in digital transformation, intelligent data management, document conversion and business process optimization. With over 50 years of experience serving private, government and higher education institutions, Scan-Optics helps customers digitally transform their businesses by leveraging AI technology, machine learning and cloud-based solutions.

With a range of solutions, including information management, robotics process automation, enterprise content management and professional services, Scan-Optics helps customers energize data through its easy.forward™ platform. This proprietary platform helps promote speed, efficiency and data transparency within a customer’s work environment.

To learn more about Scan-Optics, visit and on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

About Veoci

Veoci is a cloud-based platform for Crisis, Incident, and Emergency Management, Business Continuity and Resilience, Continuity of Operations Planning, Team Collaboration, and Daily Operations, designed to meet the decision-making and communication requirements of multiple teams at many locations. With stringent security, highest availability, and quickly scalable performance, Veoci is designed for institutions and organizations of every size and complexity.

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