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Business Continuity

Business Continuity Management Program (BCMP)

The challenge in BCMP is readiness. You need to make sure the key people are on board - sponsors, planners,  coordinators, and team members - and that their data, from basic facilities information to essential function verification, is always up to date.

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Business Continuity Should Be Business as Usual

Automatically Put Recovery Plans Into Operation

With Veoci, your recovery plans flow directly into task assignments without system-to-system translation or manual activity. Response initiation and coordination are integrated in the same system that you manage your business continuity operations in.

Zero RTO Reality

Disruptions don't have to mean downtime when Veoci is your recovery strategy. You can reduce your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) to zero for mission critical applications with plans that use alternate versions set up in Veoci, or with rapidly deployed pre-planned stopgap solutions during a crisis. And if email or messaging is compromised, use Veoci's secure, separate tools immediately to restore critical communications.

Rightsize the Response

Incidents come in different sizes. In Veoci, recovery plans are dynamically sized based upon impacted systems and resources. Actions are triggered based on shifting circumstances and personnel changes. And at the same time, Veoci is getting out the right communications to the team and the public.

Evergreen Plan Life Cycle Management

Veoci lets you customize BIA and Risk Assessment templates so they make sense for your organization. Forms are not a chore for the coordinators to fill out and data goes directly into your BCP. Reminders integrated directly into your plan improve maintenance and heighten accountability.

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We transformed a 45 minute process into a 10 minute process by putting information at our fingertips.

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