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Communication & Collaboration

Communication & Collaboration

Have you ever been in a room full of people with great ideas trying to solve a problem, all talking at once? The solution gets lost in the chaos. Now we know you still need to hear people's voices in order to collaborate effectively, so we integrate every method of communication you've got - mass notifications, call trees, text messaging, chat, phone, and email. We also know that all of those streams can turn into a scattered mess. So we've made sure that everything gets organized into a coherent, accessible discussion that you can learn from any time.

See the Veoci Difference

Ensure everyone is on the same page

A minute can make a big difference - communicate in real time

Collaborate with all team members using real-time messaging, image, file and location sharing. Veoci on mobile means connection with your team, no matter where you are.

Give your teams a secure messaging & email alternative if your systems are compromised

Veoci has industrial grade encryption and an A+ security rating from a third party, meaning your messages stay locked in where you want them.

Increase accountability and know that your teams are doing their best

Timestamped logs make it easy to go back and review who did what, when.

Open doorways instead of shouting through walls

Share information easily across departments, organizations, and even districts, by any method you choose.

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The most common type of weakness in any type of emergency situation is most often a breakdown of communication. Veoci quarterly training for its participants has greatly reduced the risk in any barriers of communication.

Eric S. Plummer
Chief of Police, Associate Vice President for Public Safety,
University of North Dakota
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